Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!!!

It's 22nd April 2010!!!

Today happened to be my lil sis, Wahida's 12th Birthday!!!
and it's also Earth Day!!!

today we went to celebrate everyone's birthday
except for those who are absent
(my two lil sis who's currently in KL)

Before that we went to meet our all time fav niece, QA...
She is as cute as ever when we met her :)

Proceeding to telling my story on today's special events,
Every April we would celebrate 3 birthdays in one particular day and that day usually falls on my lil sis, Wahida's birthday, on 22nd April...

The celebrated birthday girls are:
1st - Mom (2nd April)
2nd - my lil sis, Najmie (7th April)
3rd - Wahida (22nd April)

This year's birthday, we chose to celebrate at KFC...
since everyone is currently on a healthy diet, we thought today would be a good day to 'cheat'

Note: It's ok to cheat sometimes and for dieters, it is always good to plan your 'cheating day' :)

oh yeah, I almost forgot, today is also the day Wahida register for her MyCard
Cute :)

Click here to view the pictures.


Friday, April 16, 2010

Students Achievement Awards Day...

Salam and Good Day Everyone!!! :D

Today's sharing is my lil sis achievement award day...
The event were held yesterday dated 15th April 2010

I was looking forward to the day since I've been participated in her Parent Teacher Meet ups and the recent PTA meeting and I feel obliged to attend this memorable event too...
Caption: My mom and I tacking picture outside the school after parking the car

Obviously the theme of the stage decorated here is green and a couple of yellow.
I like green!!!

Many parents attended to be part of their children's achievement day event...
I'm just proud to be part of the crowd...

While waiting, this is some of the waiting activities that parents do... on the phone, reading, and talking...

Finally the VIP arrived and the ceremony started...

starting with quite a lengthy speech by the school's principal

and continued with the VIP's speech...

next, after the official launching, a dancing performance and a singing group by the school's students were was an enjoyable show to watch :)
each of them were so cute in ensuring that their performance went well...hahaha

after the performances ended, the day's main event started...
starting with the best achievement by the 1st graders...

Finally it came to my sister's turn...
She was happy to be receiving the award...
my mom and I were proud to watch her go up the stage...

Before going back home, we took some pictures as memories...

Wahida in front of her school
Since the award ceremony finished early,
the teachers allowed the award recipients
to return home with their parents...

That's a relief for me...
It was nearly mid-afternoon
and the heat is getting to me...


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Really looking forward to visiting Beijing...





Be Positive Ijah!!
You Can Get Through This!!!


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I Got Extra Days!!! :D

Remember the extension letter I submitted last week?
I went to pick it up today...
and guess what?!!!

Well you already know, don't you...hehehe
I Got Extra Days to finish up my master thesis!!!


Now, I have to work my butt off to finish my thesis...

Last Submission due date: 9th May 2010

It's Submit OR Bust (repeat)

Ijah, Aja Aja Fighting!!!
You can do it!!!


Friday, April 2, 2010

April Month, A Month of Birthday Celebration!!!

Happy Birthday To You~
Happy Birthday To You~
Happy Birthday To All Of You~
Happy Birthday To You~

I want to Wish Happy Birthday to

my Mom (2nd April),

my lil sis, Najmie (7th April),

and my youngest sis, Wahida (22nd April)...

I Love All Of You!!!

I'll try to bring back birthday gifts from Beijing ok?!! :D


Thursday, April 1, 2010

April 1st 2010...News from AirAsia!!!

Today, I got an email from AirAsia!!!

I was so totally been waiting for this email in like ages
(hehehe since early March actually)
But it feels like ages...

I was so happy when I opened my gmail to find an email from AirAsia :)

after I got the news, I spent the rest of the morning and afternoon searching for Beijing related information...

My master thesis was neglected for the rest of the day as I bask in the joy of getting the big news of the day!!! hihihi :)