Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jan 2012

A lot happened this starting month for 2012

- Meeting QA during my long vacation from work to finish my RO leave.
- Shopping birthday clothes for QA.
- Exercising with my sis around UUM
- Celebrated Kak Fadz and Mizah's birthday. They are my Team Leader and one of my team members at work.
- I also finished my contract with Astro and am no longer a customer service executive (CSE)
- I also volunteered at the national zoo. Got elephant cage cleaning hands-on and also got a FREE pass to walk around the zoo for the day.
- Also I attended a photoshoot outing.
- And last but not least, finally, I received the long awaited limited Maaduu t-shirt. I am so happy! 

Click here and here to view the pictures.


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