Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Beijing Pictures!!!

My precious journey to Beijing
from May 26 until 1 June

Below are the summary of the days in China

click on the links below to view the pictures :)

26May- Beijing Day 1 - arrived at Tianjin International Airport (chit chatted in the van with our tour guide for the next couple of days, Yu Li and our driver whom we call him lou shi) it's a good thing she can speak English and we communicated excellently - dinner at a Muslim restaurant nearby our hotel

27May- Beijing Day 2 - got lost in the morning after we rode the morning subway which we regretted after that (it was a total chaos as it was the usual morning rush where people want to reach their workplace on time) it was brutal i tell you... and after that we searched for a taxi to go to the meeting place for Air Asia appointed free tour that I won from the contest...luckily we reached the place on time.
On the way to the Great Wall of China, we stopped at the jade museum - then walked along a small part of the Great Wall of China and took pictures...the walking up part was indeed tiring - after that we visited the crystal place - had lunch at a small Muslim restaurant above the crystal place - got a really nice foot massage after the walking.
Although it was raining in the afternoon, it did not stop us from visiting and taking beautiful pictures of the scenery at the bird's nest stadium and the aquatic center - The day's tour ended by a visit to the acrobatic show - for today we had vegetarian dinner since the rest of the tour group are non Muslim. Nevertheless, it was yummy. We finished the whole dishes that was prepared for us.

28May- Beijing Day 3 - we visited the first daylight on our 3rd day at Beijing new mosque...the elderly Muslims there was so nice to me although we only communicated using body language as they cannot understand English - then, we left for the silk place - next, we stopped by the giant panda and Beijing zoo - we had a hearty lunch at a Muslim restaurant b4 proceeding to the summer palace.. it was fun walking there - next is the visit to the pearl shop - and finally, dinner at a Muslim restaurant before turning up for the day.

29May- Beijing Day 4 - morning walk to nearby morning market while waiting for Yu Li, our tour guide - first stop for the day, tian'anmen square and the forbidden palace - foot massage - lunch - dr tea place - jewelry - niujie mosque, the oldest mosque in Beijing- we also went to the same acrobatic show but this time we got front seats- dinner at the Muslim restaurant nearby the hotel we stayed in.

30May- Beijing Day 5 - Final Morning, Yu Li and her husband sent their goodbyes to us - Arriving in Tianjin Airport, we were informed the flight was delayed - However, Air Asia provided place for us to stay at Tianjin Hotel and we took the time to enjoy Tianjin scenery with taking photos for memories.

1June - Beijing Day 6 - After midnight of 30 May, we boarded the plane and arrived in KL in the morning of 1st June. It was memorable and fun!